Good and Evil

Good vs. Evil, the eternal struggle.

Actually, no such concepts exist for us as immortal spiritual entities. The concept first appears subjectively when we succumb to the basic purpose of our existence (why we were created in the first place) which is playing games, creating and living through pathos and drama, basking in sensations both painful and pleasurable, reveling in emotions like guilt, shame, regret, happiness, love, pain, fear, hate, etc. Identity comes into play at the moment we decide to have a game, a contest, get a prize, prove somebody wrong or prove anything to anybody.

No identity = all-inclusion = unconditional love = our native state = all-powerful = all-knowing = all Good = no games = BORING.

We must start taking sides, exclude things, consider some things Evil, become less loving and less competent to create any games at all and that goes down to excluding everybody and everything and losing all competence and becoming homeless, alcoholic invalids or convicts or victims of any kind.

“Good” is whatever creates optimal games matching the accepted identity. “Good” is toward an optimal amount of chaos for that person. For example, to need a sexual partner (a game) and to pursue one (a game) and to marry one (a game) is considered “good” by a person. If more game is required but cannot be achieved following that path, then the amount of chaos has to be increased and let us say the solution is infidelity. It is considered “good” by the perpetrator because he/she welcomes more game of this kind at that time. Others don’t consider it good, so it must be hidden from others, which is actually just more game! Oh, good! Getting better and better! The feeling of guilt is more chaos and the person is basking in this guilt, lies, moral vicissitudes, suffering, heightened sexual pleasure, secrecy and all the drama and absolutely loves every moment of it. More game! It is all Good until it backfires and then less game is desired by the person. Then and only then the same infidelity becomes Evil in the eyes of that person. Too much game. Neither Good, not Evil are inherently there or clearly defined in this example other than through the desired amount of chaos in one’s life at a given time.

The identity is usually enforced by the society, so a full definition of “Good” and “Evil” and optimal behavior patterns and attitudes are usually instilled and enforced on a person so everybody could play predetermined games that fit into a predetermined order. That order and the reduced chaos may or may not be desirable for a specific person so this may or may not be considered Good. All of it is relative to the amount of chaos they want, the quality of games they want, the number of games and the intensity of games they want. Thus, the Revolution was Evil but suddenly for some people it becomes Good. They are trying to play the Revolution game. For most people even thinking about the revolution is too much of a game, so they don’t even look at it. They are trying to play their own games.

And so it goes. Nonstop. Forever and ever. Amen.