By Michael Priv

Water is capable of storing, carrying and relaying information. Damn! It should not be able to do that, but it is.

The ancients knew that. Hindus, Hebrews, Egyptians, Christians, Buddhists, and other religions—all used water in their rituals. Chaldean magi used water to remove evil spells some 2600 years ago. High Priests and Shamans used water to cast both healing and killing spells for thousands of years. Holy Water can heal as easily as it can emotionally cripple you, as I personally experienced once first-hand at a small Russian Orthodox church in Moscow. Turned out that church was built on top of a dungeon, a place of extreme suffering, destroyed by Napoleon in 1812, where countless prisoners had been tortured to death or simply left to rot for years.

A whole lot of scientific research of water yielded astounding results all around the world. I urge you to google this intensely interesting subject. The notion of water being capable of retaining memory first emerged as a scientific premise in 1833, when German homeopath Samuel Hanhemann published his findings, supported 155 years later in 1988 with the publication of a research paper by Jacques Benveniste, a French immunologist who sought to demonstrate the plausibility of homeopathic remedies. To that end, Benveniste and his team at INSERM, French for National Institute of Health and Medical Research, diluted a solution of human antibodies in water to such a degree that there was no probability of a single molecule of the antibody remaining in their water solution samples. Nonetheless, human white blood cells responded to the solution samples just as though they had encountered the original antibody full strength. Benveniste’s study demonstrates but does not explain the mechanism by which homeopathy works.

Note also the 2011 water memory research of Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart, Germany, which appears to indicate that intelligence is water-based. What they have actually demonstrated is that identical water drops prepared same way as samples by different university students and studied under the same black-light microscope looked startlingly different—Holy Jesus and Moses, right? Water molecules from the same batch handled same way by different students looked different. The samples were altered by the emotional makeover of the individual students. Were they studying water or the students? Is there a difference? Hm-m…

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2014 held an international forum on the emerging scientific analysis data which indicated that water could retain electromagnetic imprints of DNA and other molecules. The forum was presided over by a Nobel Prize winner, French immunologist Luc Montagnier, who connected AIDS and HIV.

Note the astonishing photographic evidence of Masaru Emoto, the Japanese researcher, of altering properties of water by exposing it to human emotions in the form of words, pictures and music. We like scientific evidence, don’t we? Well, here it is.

Russians actually lead by leaps and bounds in the area of water electronics. Now we descend into the near-infinitely short wavelengths energy phenomena and quantum physics.

Different from most substances, water can form memories and hold on to that stored information for a very long time—any information, good or bad. Water is neutral as the medium, it will carry any information it comes in contact with. That is why a water source with information of “good” will bring health to your mind and various organs in your body, while “bad” water is pure poison to you. The influence is so insidious and stealthy that you are unlikely to recognize water as the culprit of your deteriorating health, attitude and sexual or mental acumen.

Our eco system and our bodies are immensely complex; the effects of zillions of chemical compounds entering our environments and our bodies are confounding; the mental effects of stress and vagaries of modern life are baffling to the extreme. Anybody who is looking for complexities, congrats, you found them! Now what? Personally, I believe complexities are hugely overrated. Sure, let’s reverse the global warming, handle the hell out of the over population and depletion of natural resources, outlaw Monsanto and reverse hundreds of other catastrophic trends. Let’s do it. Unfortunately, this is so complicated as to become improbable or even impossible to accomplish. Therefore, no point in looking for more complexities. I am only looking for simplicities now, for the common denominator which would give us the biggest bang for the buck.

Since our environment and weather are about 70% water and human bodies are also 70% water and since the weather is getting worse and we are getting sicker, time to scratch our collective head and start asking some pointed questions about water, such as:

  1. What are the true purposes of water?
  2. How does water retain information?
  3. How could we use this knowledge to affect positive change on micro and macro levels?

A field of energy is particles of that energy present in an infinite number of points in space, loosely forming an area, all at the same instant in time. One could tune into a football game on the radio, for example, on the 80th floor at their desk at work, then descend on an elevator to the ground level still listening to the same football game broadcast, get into their car and listen to the same transmission all the way home 50 miles away never once leaving that electromagnetic field. How is that possible? How do those particles or quanta of energy instantaneously materialize and exist in all those points in space at varying distances from the emanation source? And how come large or infinite number of electromagnetic fields can peacefully co-exist in the same three-dimensional space at the same instant in time? What is the true nature of time? Are there more dimensions to space?

Water, akin to an energy field, like radio waves, is capable of holding on to a complex vibration for a long time. Therefore, some of the laws governing energy fields are applicable to water. This brings us smack against quantum physics—bam! What are we digging for? What are we trying to get at here? What is that at the very foundation of everything?


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